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Every Chance Funds (JET Program)

The Jobs and Education Training (JET) Program has additional funding for equipment grants to help Texans get technical training for careers in fast-growing, "high-demand" occupations.
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Steves Piper Compendium of Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar

View Texas college admission rates and deadlines and current Texas scholarships compiled by the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation.

Go ahead, dream as big as you want, this is Texas.

All it takes to make your dreams come true is desire, direction and a solid plan. We’re here to help.

Tuition Promise Fund - A prepaid plan as smart as you

The Texas Tuition Promise Fund® 529 plan allows Texans to lock in tomorrow’s Texas public college tuition and required fees at today’s prices.

New Match the Promise Scholarship Program

The Texas Match the Promise Foundation® encourages families to save for college by offering matching scholarships and tuition grants to participants in the Texas Tuition Promise Fund®. Individual and company donations will help students with demonstrated needs.

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