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Your expertise is invaluable to Texas students. We hope the resources below will help you provide the best advice for your students and their families.

Every Chance, Every Texan Resources:

Top Careers in Texas - Look up current top jobs in Texas and find out how to get the training and education those jobs demand.

Why Go to College or Technical School?

Job Trends in Texas

Top Ten Industries in Texas

Projected Job Growth for Top Ten Texas Occupations Requiring Associate’s Degrees

Career Guidance for All Ages - Use our list of resources to learn about career opportunites, prepare for college and choose the right school.

Ways to Pay and Save - View our timeline for taking advantage of several ways to pay and save.

Middle School Planning Strategies for College - Get tips on how to prepare and pay for college.

High School Planning Strategies for College - Find tips and resources to plan for, pay and attend college.

Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation Compendium of Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar

Scholarships and Aid - Find scholarship and financial aid information to help you get that two- or four-year degree.

Texas Schools Info - Find helpful information on Texas colleges and universities, financial aid calendars, tips on admission applications and entrance test dates and fees.

External Resources:

Texas Workforce Commission – Hot Careers in Texas

Texas Workforce Commission – Texas Career Clusters

CollegeforTexans.com Counselor Resources - Get more details to prepare, apply for and pay for college.

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