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Resources for Parents and Grandparents

The world is getting more competitive every day. For your children or grandchildren to be successful, a college degree is almost mandatory. But with tuition costs rising faster than most salaries, paying for college is becoming increasingly difficult. Doing so requires thoughtful planning and starting your college savings as early as possible. We can help.

Get started learning, planning and saving today with these Every Chance, Every Texan resources:

Top Careers in Texas - Look up current top jobs in Texas and find out how to get the training and education those jobs demand.

Planning Strategies - Learn what a two-year or four-year college or technical education might cost and create a path to get there.

Texas Savings Plans - Peruse 529 plan options for prepaid tuition and savings plans for a four-year degree or a two-year program.

  • Texas Tuition Promise Fund - Find out how the new Texas Tuition Promise Fund can help you lock in tomorrow’s college tuition costs at today’s prices.
  • Texas 529 College Savings Plan - Learn about the Texas College Savings Plan, a qualified 529 savings plan that offers 20 different investment portfolios, a choice of savings options, tax-free growth for your investment and more.

Scholarships and Aid - View scholarship and financial aid information to help your child obtain a two- or four-year degree.

Texas Schools Info - Find helpful information on Texas colleges and universities, financial aid calendars, tips on admission applications and entrance test dates and fees.

Grandparents - Information Specifically for You!

Gifting options - Learn how you can start or contribute to Texas Tuition Promise Fund accounts for your grandchildren.

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