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Minnie Stevens Piper 2013-2014 Compendium


   The Texas Legislature established the TEXAS Grant to make sure
   that well-prepared high school graduates with financial need could
   go to college.  A TEXAS Grant may be used to attend any public
   institution of higher education in Texas.

      Students may apply if they:
        Are Texas residents
        Have not been convicted of a felony or crime involving a 
         controlled substance
        Show financial need
        Have a 9 month EFC less than or equal to $4,620
        Register for the Selective Service or are exempt from this
        Graduate from an accredited high school in Texas
        Complete the Recommended or Distinguished High School Achieve-
         ment Program or equivalent
        Enroll in an undergraduate degree or certificate program at an
         approved institution with 16 months of graduation from a public
         or accredited private high school in Texas; and
        Have accumulated no more than 30 semester credit hours, excluding
         those earned for dual or concurrent courses or awarded for credit
         by examination (AP, IB or CLEP)
        Graduated from an accredited public or private High School in Texas
         By May 1, 2013 or later
        Completed the Recommended or Distinguished High School Program
        Enlisted in military service within 12 months of graduation and 
         enrolled in an eligible GATI within 12 months of receiving
         honorable discharge.
        Have earned an associate degree from a public or private non-profit
         institution of higher education; and
        Enroll in an eligible institution within 12 months after receiving
         Their associate's degree

    For additional information about this program visit the following
    web site: 

    To apply, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    (FAFSA).  The FAFSA automatically calculates your Expected Family
    Contribution (EFC).  The financial aid office at the college or
    university the student applied to will notify the student if he/she
    is eligible.

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