Texas’ Top Jobs

Texas Careers for Today and Tomorrow

All Texans should have the opportunity to get the education they need to seek the best possible job. It’s important for your personal growth and success — and helps our great state’s economy continue to thrive.

Texas offers the jobseekers of today and tomorrow many opportunities in a wide variety of industries. And a two- or four-year degree will greatly increase your choice of jobs and the salary you can earn.

So use our resources to find out which “hot” jobs match your interests and find the path you need to follow to get those jobs. Whether you’re a current jobseeker or a parent looking after your children’s future, we’ve got information that can help.

Texans in Demand

  • In 2006, about 6.5 million Texans were under the age of 18. These children will become tomorrow’s doctors, engineers, teachers and caregivers.
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  • Texas children have big roles to fill. For example, the state is working to increase the number of students completing allied health and nursing degrees to 20,300 by 2010 and to 26,100 by 2015. Today, about 17,000 earn these degrees annually.
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Specialized Work Force Training Opportunities for the Jobs Ahead

Job Trends and Opportunities for Certificate Programs and Two-Year Degrees:

  • Texas is working to expand its educational offerings with specialized programs at community colleges and career training schools. This means new opportunities in higher education.

  • According to the Texas Workforce Commission, graduates from community and technical colleges earn higher wages, demonstrate higher job skills and are more “marketable” than those with no degree.

  • As Texas grows, our state will need nurses and many other health-related specialists as well as preschool teachers, automotive service techs and mechanics, computer support specialists, paralegals and legal assistants and real estate sales agents.

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